You Own The Business, We Take Care Of The Rest

Our process unfolds as follows: We facilitate your approval for selling on Etsy. Subsequently, we oversee your store's growth, handling tasks such as product sourcing, order fulfillment, and comprehensive customer support.

Simple Onboarding

Simplifying the onboarding process is our specialty, thanks to our dedicated success management team that's available to assist you throughout setup.

We handle everything from forming your LLC and securing an EIN, to setting up specialized banking relationships. This prepares us for product listings.

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Storefront Setup

In step 2, we zero in on product acquisition and customer success. We help you identify a profitable niche, select and list high-potential products, and establish a robust customer support system.

This phase is designed to optimize your product offerings and enhance customer satisfaction

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Launch + Scale

As our product research team populates your store with items, our listing optimization team enhances your listings for better visibility and increased sales potential.

Throughout this period, we'll collaborate with you to strategically reinvest profits into expanding your Amazon store's range of products.

Anticipate bi-weekly updates from your dedicated customer success manager, including sales reports that keep you informed about your business.Welcome to the world of high-level business ownership!

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The Etsy Oppurtunity

Blue Ocean + High Margins

Etsy boasts 95 million active buyers and an average profit margin of 40%, making it a lucrative platform for sellers. High profit margins mean more room to reinvest and scale your business, and automation can help you capitalize on this effectively.

Dropshipping Friendly

The platform is also dropshipping-friendly, allowing for lower overhead and quick adaptation to market trends. Automation takes care of repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on strategic activities like customer engagement and product selection.

70% Yearly Growth Rate

With a 70% average yearly growth rate, Etsy is a rapidly expanding marketplace. Automation helps you keep pace by streamlining operations and optimizing your store for visibility and conversion, setting you up for long-term success.

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